Safe. Easy. Non-judgmental. These are comfy places to be when considering God’s word.
However, Scripture claims to be a 2-edged sword that divides and judges the attitudes and thoughts of the heart. Steve’s articles will peel back the layers of attitudes we hold closely by digging deep into God’s Word. Steve sheds light on many topics, comparing Scripture with Scripture and takes us beyond the milk to the meat. 
Read for yourself – Be challenged, be provoked, be edified, and be comforted. You may agree or disagree but become that worthy Berean who studies the Word to see if these things are so. 
Keep checking this section as more articles will be added.

The Biggest Lie

What’s the biggest lie you can think of? Is it the one that says humanity evolved from apes - and before that, from [...]

Getting Israel Right

A pastor, an atheist, a Bible class teacher, and a businessman walked into a bar…. You’re thinking this is the opening line of [...]

Woke But Not Awake

You love your church! It’s attracting college kids and young families. It’s “on fire” and your numbers are up. Your worship band has [...]

A Crisis of Truth

"If you like your health care plan, you can keep it."  Remember that sham?   How about this one? “Read my lips: no [...]

A Matter of Choice

I don’t like heights.  Standing there at the edge of the cliff with my toes extending out over the rocky lip of the precipice made me break out into a cold sweat.   I stared down into the dark chasm, unable to tear my gaze away. I couldn’t see the bottom, but I already knew it was deep. The ground beneath me tipped one way and then the other. Waves of nausea washed over me, and my ears buzzed like incoming hornets. Paralyzed at the edge - afraid to even breathe, a powerful urge to take a step forward seized me. It took extreme focus to stay put. With my senses ebbing away at the brink of this yawning abyss, and with no one around to pull me back, I wondered if I would survive this awful place.   No passer-by would have recognized my dilemma, for they would have seen me standing in the middle of my half-mowed lawn on a hot summer day!

A Real Reason to Panic

An awful lot of God-fearing, Constitution-supporting, and law-abiding people in American are deeply frustrated and concerned watching the patently obvious fraud that is now our nation’s elections. A sizeable portion of THOSE folks are pretty sure the libs as a whole – and much of the “Republicrat” leadership – now routinely endorse lawless behavior to make it seem as though their candidates-of-choice “win” the vote.   A part of THAT second group is convinced this is all orchestrated by a corrupt justice system, globalist resources, covert tactics, and very dark agendas.   And finally - a smaller subset of that last bunch is remains sure that God is STILL in control.

Does God let you down?

Does God ever let you down?   Wait. Before you answer, I’m not interested in cliché replies. You know, “In all things, God works for the good of those who love Him,” or, “God’s plans are to give me a hope and a future.” I don’t want to hear that old standby, “He knows what’s best for me.” Those responses are Biblically-based, and so they’re true when they’re properly applied with the right heart to the right situation. But in my experience, too many Christians say this kind of stuff when their faith has reached its limits. They are barely able to endure their pain, describe their confusion, or contain their rage.  Just because we can force certain words out of our mouth does not mean we are saying what we are truly feeling. Just because we can’t admit what’s really going on does not mean it isn’t.  Let’s be totally honest here - have you ever been mad at God?  Did you ever bargain with Him in your heart and now you’re upset He didn’t keep up His end of the arrangement? Are you still “fighting the good fight,” but you’re exhausted and despaired?  Did you take the high road - but you got the raw end of the deal? Now - let’s get down to the brass tacks:

Global Warming

The issue of global warming is a frosty situation. Try communicating with people who refuse to have a civil discourse about the facts. They just lose their cool and get really hot – pun intended. Global warming is referred to as “climate change” more often now, and I sense it’s a less “inconvenient truth” for those who want to believe it. Climate change is easier to support since “global warming” forces a discussion of very specific criteria.   In the past two weeks here in remote northern Colorado where I live, we’ve had two feet of snow, sunny days, subzero temperatures, 50 mile-an-hour winds, torrential rains, oppressive heat, blue skies, gray skies, and orange skies. There have been fogs so thick I couldn’t see the sky at all. The climate has changed around here every couple of days. Am I supposed to panic?

Missing Jesus Again

It seemed like forever since God had spoken to His people.Four hundred years had passed since the last Scripture had been written, and the spiritual leaders had gotten way off course. Very few of them showed they were worthy of their office.The religious system they oversaw had become a whitewashed crypt. It looked impressive, but it was hollow and dead. It was mostly a charade to boost their personal sense of importance. They were obsessed with their status, and they loved to be recognized for it. Most of the public was fooled by the whole sham.


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