The issue of global warming is a frosty situation.

Try communicating with people who refuse to have a civil discourse about the facts. They just lose their cool and get really hot – pun intended.

Global warming is referred to as “climate change” more often now, and I sense it’s a less “inconvenient truth” for those who want to believe it. Climate change is easier to support since “global warming” forces a discussion of very specific criteria.  

In the past two weeks here in remote northern Colorado where I live, we’ve had two feet of snow, sunny days, subzero temperatures, 50 mile-an-hour winds, torrential rains, oppressive heat, blue skies, gray skies, and orange skies. There have been fogs so thick I couldn’t see the sky at all. The climate has changed around here every couple of days.

Am I supposed to panic?

Of course not. It’s been like this for the last hundred-plus years. We have an old alabaster mine on our property, and I’ve read diaries of folks from the 1800’s that used to wrest the prized white rock from the ground. They described weather patterns like those now. To quote an ancient climate-themed truth, “….there is nothing new under the sun.” (Eccl. 1:9).

But my left-leaning neighbors a couple miles down the road rant incessantly about the impact climate change has had on our weather lately. My right-leaning neighbors across the canyon in the opposite direction moan almost as much about it too.  

Depending on who’s making the case, climate change is why oceans are rising, ice is melting, and crops are failing. It’s also why roosters crow earlier, ISIS attracts recruits, and some women become prostitutes. Climate change has become the convenient excuse for every bizarre event and socioeconomic malady in the world today.

But global warming – or climate change (whatever) – is a premise that lacks scientific credibility.  Its arguments are frayed at best.  

Consider the following:

In 1971, The Washington Post quoted NASA’s Dr. S.I. Rasool, an atmospheric scientist, as saying, “The world could be as little as 50 or 60 years away from a disastrous new ice age.” TIME echoed this view with an article in 1974 provocatively titled, “Another Ice Age?” and The Daily Chronicle warned everyone in 1979, “Get Ready to Freeze.” According to the experts not long ago, the world was headed into a deep nip.

And celebrities spouted their views just as ineptly then as they do now. Leonard Nimoy, notable as the pointy-eared, half-human, and fully-fictional Spock of Star Trek, voiced the academic community’s sentiments in 1978 when he said, “Climate experts believe the next ice age is on its way.” His logical character in the TV series seemed sage enough, but his claims did not “live long and prosper” in the real world.

Forty-something years later, things are unchanged except that the masses are now in a slobbering fit over the opposite end of the thermometer. As they once wailed that we were doomed to live on an iceberg, they now shriek that polar bears are bobbing on chunks of frozen water no bigger than a welcome mat.

But do the facts support today’s passions any more than they did the ones before? No, they don’t.  

Here are a few newsworthy items to also take into account:

“Six years ago, the BBC reported that the Arctic, due to global warming, would be ice-free by this summer. That, clearly, has not happened. What has happened, instead, is that the Arctic ice cap has grown at a tremendous rate, by almost a million square miles. In other words, it has grown by a whopping 60%….” (Liberty Voice, Sept. 2013)

“Britain’s Met Office, an international cheerleading headquarters for global warming hysteria, conceded last December that there would be no further warming at least through 2017, which would make 20 years with no global warming. That reflects grudging recognition of the newly developing trends.”  (Forbes, 2013)

“As the Obama administration creates policy based on the premise that the planet is warming, more and more scientists are concluding the real danger is global cooling.” (World Net Daily, Aug. 2015)”

I could cut and paste these sorts of things all day. What’s evident to anyone that objectively studies the issues is the earth isn’t headed into an environmental crisis spawned in part by NASCAR, inefficient toasters, and gassy cows. 

The current furor over President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord is marinated with a false sense of urgency.  The truth is our President was wise to relieve our nation of the burden of playing along with this ill-begotten charade.  

Here is a small sampling of facts to offset the unhinged hysteria surrounding our exit from the Paris Climate Accord:

“As of May 12, 2017, the USA had contributed $1B to the Green Climate Fund.  China, Russia, and India had each contributed nothing.” (Wall Street Journal & New York Times)

“Under the terms of the Paris Climate Accord, China would not begin their new version of the climate plan till about 2030.  That is when their country’s CO2 pollution will peak….” (Scientific American, Nov. 2014)

“The worldwide uproar over President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the USA out of the United Nations-sponsored Paris Climate Accord is mostly due to two reasons – one, the loss of trillions of dollars over time to help other countries clean up their own pollution, and two, the continued erosion of former President Obama’s legacy.” (The Costa Rica Star, June 5, 2017)

The bottom line is global warming is a devised strategy to exert political coercion, employ flawed science, and elevate deceptive data in order to persuade the world of an ecological farce. 

As noted, the United Nations drives this agenda. Its public relations machine churns out endless drivel that portends a watery grave for coastline cities. They preach crop failures, species extinction, glacial retreat, and desert expansion to bully feckless leaders into relinquishing their sovereign rights and yielding to a globalist regime.

If you say something enough times however, folks eventually believe it. The drumbeat of fake news is effective – even if it is outrageous. As a case in point, Al Gore claimed the ocean’s fish are swimming in the streets of Miami (Fox News, June 5, 2017).  I guess it won’t be too long till Deadliest Catch will be filming in Omaha.  

“Snake oil salesmen” like Al Gore have much to conceal, so they are predictably hostile to anyone that questions their motives. But let’s ask ourselves honestly, “What is the real agenda behind global warming?”

First, the hyper-regulation of economies always follows alarmist rhetoric about climate change. This is an intent to trip up strong nations to weaken them. The constricting grip of carbon emissions laws is an example of regulations that try to erode the West to the parameters of a dependent third-world country. 

Secondly, the larger goal of destroying a nation’s wealth is about contributing to complete economic collapse on a worldwide scale. Few elements buoy the solvency of global markets more than a strong US economy, and that’s a chief reason why President Trump receives so much criticism for choosing to put “America first.” 

Thirdly, once the flames of international chaos are fanned, it’ll be easier to thrust upon a desperate and confused world the notion of a one-world government. The globalists have already prepped their arguments to unite behind a single figure. Christians know this individual will be the Antichrist, but globalists are planning to call him their “savior.”

Lastly, all of this climate change frenzy pivots around a single all-important truth: Global warming is at its core, a false religion. It is “eco-fundamentalism,” a militant and rabid rejection of God. It is characterized by a passionate worship of “mother earth” instead, and we’re just seeing the beginning of what is to come.

There may be a relationship between that last point and an ecological theme which courses through the dreadful judgments of The Tribulation. A total of 21 judgments are directed against humanity then, and these are arranged within three groups: the seal judgments, the trumpet judgments, and the bowl judgments.

About half of these judgments impact the earth and its environment. Between them, they change the geography of the planet (Rev. 6:14); burn up much of its vegetation (Rev. 8:7); dim the sun, moon, and stars (Rev. 8:12); render most of the world’s water lethal to life (Rev. 8:8-11; 16:3-7); plunge the world into darkness (Rev. 8:12-13; 16:10); scorch the earth with intense heat (Rev. 16:8-9), and pound the planet with 100-pound hailstones (Rev. 16:21).  

I’m no atmospheric scientist – but that’s real climate change!

But God is causing these future catastrophes, not some tractor pull or belching bovine.  “Those that dwell upon the earth” will know God is behind these judgments (Rev. 16:11, 21), and they will curse His righteous justice (Rev. 16:5). They’ll prefer to see the earth fall apart at the seams than repent and get right with God (Rev. 9:20-21).

That’s a pretty good clue that the climate change hysteria swirling around right now is a front for the larger ambitions of deception. As God’s judgments destroy the planet and its environment, they also fulfill His divine plan to hold accountable everyone who persists in unbelief.  

God will show mankind once and for all that He’s in charge of everything that happens with this world. It’s He who designed plate tectonics and it’s He who’ll decide when they slip and slide (Rev. 16:18). He flawlessly suspended the spinning earth from nothing (Job 26:7), so only He can make it stagger about (Is. 24:20). God said “Let there be light” (Gen. 1:3), so only God is capable of taking that light away (Rev. 16:10). 

Humanity’s sinful arrogance is expressed in its belief that it can manipulate the globe and its conditions, but the Scriptures teach us that God is in control of this planet (Rev. 7:1-3). He made everything in the first place so He alone deserves to be worshipped (Rev. 14:7).  He’s entitled to take away what’s He’s already given.

Despite the masses who will refuse to repent during the Tribulation, the encouraging news is many people will respond properly to these reality checks. God’s just judgments will have the right effect on this second group, and they’ll recognize their choices to this point have been the wrong ones. 

Their worship of “mother earth” will give way to a worship of their Heavenly Father. As they witness the divine destruction of their planet, they’ll know that climate change belongs to God. 

Roman 1:19-20 make the case that creation should direct mankind to a proper view of God, and the Tribulation scriptures make the case that creation’s destruction should do the same thing.  

When seen from an eternal perspective, the global warming zealots are their own worst enemy. They foolishly reinforce every sketchy argument in order to convince themselves that God does not exist – and if He does, then they don’t need Him.

It may be that the global warming fraud is the most deadly deception in history.

© Steve Schmutzer 2017. All Rights Reserved