2024 and 2025:

Looking Ahead Through the Lens of Bible Prophecy

Sunday, April 7th 2024 11AM

Featuring Pete Garcia and Lee Brainard

Our Speakers

Pete Garcia

Pete Garcia is a retired military combat veteran and aviator, writer, researcher, speaker, and teacher of Bible prophecy and apologetics.  He has a BA in International Relations, and he is a graduate of the US Army’s prestigious Command and General Staff College.

 Pete started writing with Jack Kinsella’s “The Omega Letter” from 2011-2018. He has since created his own website: www.Rev310.net, and to date he’s written over 650 articles that are carried out on numerous websites and platforms. He has contributed to four of Terry James’ books, to Mondo Gonzalez’s “The Red Heifer Ritual,” and he has published three of his own Christian fiction novels: Hobo Vol I and II, and Kingdom of the Ring.

 Pete is happily married to his wife of 17 years and has five wonderful children.

Lee Brainard

Lee Brainard, a former Army veteran and Airborne Ranger, is a highly regarded Bible teacher and author, and a passionate and linguistics-trained scholar of Scripture.

Besides reading the Bible in its original languages of Greek and Hebrew, he routinely studies it in several literal English translations, the German Elberfelder, and the Septuagint. His chief areas of study also include Bible prophecy, apologetics, the major theological controversies, and ancient history. Given these areas of expertise, Lee is a popular guest, speaker, and contributor to many of the established programs, podcasts, and events in the Bible prophecy world.  His website, www.soothkeep.info is a wealth of information in doctrine, discernment, and devotion.

 Lee and his wife live in Harvey, ND.  He has four children and sixteen grandchildren.